Kids & teens are disconnecting from family, church & the Bible. MyTRIBE is changing that! With every new episode, we are hearing from concerned parents that their kids and teens are LOVING these videos. Families are laughing together, playing together and learning TOGETHER. The Bible is coming to LIFE for each family.

Every episode is action-packed with comedy, visual fx, immersive storytelling & interactive family activities. See what other families are saying: 


What is MyTRIBE?

Immersive Visual Storytelling for the entire Family to watch TOGETHER! A Bible Study that will engage your kids, your teens and YOU.

You will receive an exclusive weekly episode with a new interactive family game & activity to turn your weekend into a Family Bible Experience for only $10 a week! (Or upgrade to an Annual Pass for only $5 a week!)

TRANSFORM your TV into a church service for the entire FAMILY and keep your kids learning, laughing & loving the Bible throughout the week!

What is included with All Access Pass?

Each MyTRIBE episode is designed to engage kids, teens & adults TOGETHER. Plus, each episode features Bible Worksheets & Interactive Games to keep your kids learning, laughing & loving the Bible throughout the week! All Access Pass includes:

  • Exclusive Access to MyTRIBE Original Episodes premiering weekly; immersive visual storytelling that turns the Bible into a great adventure for the entire family!
  • Exclusive Access to downloadable interactive Bible worksheets for kids & teens
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  • Exclusive Access to unlimited streaming of music, music videos & live teachings from Jason David

Why join MyTRIBE?

Stuck at home? Study the Bible with your kids & teens! Turn your TV into a church service for the entire FAMILY. MyTRIBE has been specifically designed for ALL ages. Kids get bored with adult sermons, and teens can find it difficult to engage with the Bible, but MyTRIBE has created Bible videos that combine cinema, comedy, stunning visual FX and powerful Biblical teachings to engage EVERY viewer!

Your kids will laugh, your teens will be engaged, and you will be inspired and encouraged by the quality of these videos and Bible lessons. 

How do I join MyTRIBE?

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Meet The Host: Jason David

MyTRIBE is hosted by motivational speaker and award-winning storyteller Jason David. With over 15 years teaching & speaking experience in addition to filmmaking, songwriting, storytelling and producing big budget musicals and theatrical shows, Jason has crafted a unique form of communicating life-transforming truth via a visually stimulating, action-packed, unforgettable experience.

Jason is best known for the viral hit song "These Walls". After stage four cancer claimed 80% of Jason's tongue, he was told he might never sing or speak again. He continued to write music, determined to sing again, and after months of surgeries, treatments, chemotherapy, radiation & therapy, Jason took the stage to sing an original song titled "These Walls". The song struck a chord with millions of people around the world and has since been translated into over 20 different languages. The song and story have been featured on CBN, The CW, FOX, NBC, TBN & The 700 Club.

The full story, documentary, music video and full length album of "These Walls" can be streamed here on this site with a MyTRIBE All Access Pass!