What MyTRIBE Parents are saying


MyTRIBE has made us feel even more connected as a family with Jason’s enriching, humorous, biblical storytelling. We have had a blast playing the MyTRIBE games, diving deeper into the lessons with the additional activities, and having access to Jason’s captivating sermons, music videos, and inspiring cancer survival story.


The content on this site is unbelievable, I log on sometimes and I don't know where I want to start because I want to watch everything but like a favorite tv show, I take it one video at a time. MyTRIBE has managed to implement something for everyone. My son, my mother and I all watch together.


Investing in today's youth is necessary for growing today's church. Jason's ability to communicate scripture based messages, that are exciting and inspiring, is his God given talent. MyTRIBE is a great format that allows families and individuals to listen, laugh and learn together. This is something that nobody else is offering - subscribe and enjoy!


MyTRIBE is a wonderful God centered family oriented devotional time for the entire family. There is something for our kids, our teens and even us old people. Our kids continue to be blessed by the ministry of MyTRIBE and Jason David.


We as a family have a dedicated time to watch every new episode. So at 3pm we all come together. This episode was magnificently executed, and seamlessly tied into today's current state of uncertainty. We love it! 


We use the MyTRIBE videos as part of our homeschool routine and the whole family enjoys it!


I think it should be watched by everybody. Kids can get a lot out of it!


We love watching Pastor Jason and being part of MyTRIBE! The videos are hilarious, creative, and memorable. MyTRIBE offers Bible teaching in a fresh way, often with surprising deep insights. There's action, comedy, drama and truth - we are so thankful for this unique way to connect with the Bible and each other!


We are so thankful for the creation of MyTRIBE where powerful stories of the Bible are shared in a creative and inspiring manner. Each episode is extremely engaging and is perfect for all ages. We are looking forward to even more episodes that will challenge our minds and touch our hearts. MyTribe is such a blessing!


The creative manner in which stories are told in the Bible will unlock ideas that you may have missed from early translations and will definitely unlock your mind to have an understanding that translate to our daily journey. MyTRIBE is the new way to unlock biblical stories and lessons from yesterday that become more relative today.


MyTRIBE is God’s word relatable on all levels and for all ages. It brings the Bible to life in a way that engages and entertains as well as teaches!


We are loving MyTRIBE! We laugh so much which is something we really need right now. The creativeness, enthusiasm, and humor are helping us get through this crazy time. We’re learning together as a family and we all look forward to the next episode!


I love MyTRIBE because I have been a big fan of Jason David since I first saw him preach years ago. He puts so much into everything he does. He helps you understand things so much better, like why a villain in the Bible may have become that way or why a bad decision was made. Jason David also has a wonderful knack of inserting humor when the story is getting really intense. I love to laugh! Jason David makes it fun to learn.


I love MyTRIBE because it gives me another perspective on the stories of the Bible. It also is entertaining so it keeps my attention and grabs my kids attention. I know they are listening even if it doesn’t look like it. I also love all the music. I have all your CDs and play them often. It makes me not feel so far from home even though I am in the middle of the ocean. Thank you for everything!


It’s funny, enlightening, thoughtful, beautiful simple stories that a person from 4 to 100 can learn from!

What MyTRIBE Kids are saying


Our family enjoys MyTRIBE because it is relatable Bible storytelling for all ages. 


MyTRIBE is a great experience for families and friends to get together and uplift one another! Its encouraging messages are aimed at being able to break down many concepts related to the Bible and is perfect in being able to understand the true importance of a relationship with Jesus. Through MyTRIBE, I've been able to reach out to friends in need and use these messages to help them understand that they are not alone, they are loved and cared for, not just by us but by God :) It's been incredible to watch these stories make an impact on others and I'm so glad I've been able to use these messages to do so!


I love the comedy and interactiveness of the MyTRIBE videos and also the life lessons.


I like MyTRIBE because there is a new video each week! Also there are very fun activities and the videos are very funny.